If your child struggles with any of the following tasks, please consider seeking the support he/she may need: 

  • Long-term planning (i.e. school projects, assignments, studying for multiples portions of a test, etc.) 
  • Organizing materials (i.e. backpack, locker, work space) 
  • Managing time effectively (i.e. under/over estimates how long a task will take) 
  • Initiating school tasks or chores (i.e. procrastinates until the last minute) 
  • Has problems thinking of different ways to solve problems when stuck
  •  Setting and accomplishing achievable goals
  •  Misunderstands directions frequently
  •  Makes careless errors often
  •  Exhibits poorly organized written work (i.e. confusing when expressing thoughts in paragraph or essay writing) 
  • Demonstrates difficulty with reading decoding, fluency and/or comprehension skills
  • Experiencing low self-confidence and/or anxiety related to learning issues.




Comprehensive Educational Evaluation

A comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation helps to diagnose and treat learning disabilities, ADHD, Executive Functioning Disorder, Dyslexia, as well as a variety of other educational disorders that interfere with learning and performance in school.  The information attained from the evaluation provides an analysis of your child’s learning profile, which is essential for an effective remediation plan. 

The following are components of the comprehensive evaluation:
Thorough history and background information, interviews with parents, teachers, student, classroom and behavioral observation, cognitive functioning, memory, learning, phonological, auditory, visual processing, academic assessment, social emotional functioning.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Executive Functioning Coaching refers to the treatment of the  components of EF which include: Organization, Time Management, Long Term Planning, Prioritizing, Goal Setting, Task Initiation/Completion, and Self Monitoring.  These functional skills are essential for academic success, as well as other areas in one’s life.  Students are taught researched based strategies and are provided coaching to assure that these skills are consistently applied.

Academic Remediation

Academic Remediation provides 1:1 support for students who have learning challenges in the areas of:  Reading Comprehension, Reading Fluency, and Written Expression.  This service is ideal for students who are below grade level in these academic areas and require explicit instruction related to the learning process.

Educational Consultation

Often times, seeking educational services in school for your child can be confusing and overwhelming.  It is important for parents to understand what their child needs in order to serve as their advocate.  Educational consultation services are offered to families who need assistance in developing appropriate academic and behavioral plan for their child.

Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy refers to counseling, instruction, and mentoring students who are struggling with social, emotional, and behavioral problems impacting school success.