"We are very fortunate to have our son work with Dr. Patel.  He loves going to his sessions with her every week.  His overall school habits have improved greatly as well as his organizational skills and self confidence.  Dr. Patel really helped him develop his own tools to use to help him succeed with his study skills, homework, and organizational skills, which are critical moving through middle school into high school as well as transitioning to college.  These important building blocks have made his self confidence soar and he had the best school year ever after working with Dr. Patel.  Thank you, Dr. Patel, for your work with our son."

                                                                                                Parent of a 6th Grade Student

"My middle school daughter, who has ADHD, has been coached by Dr. Patel for a year and has progressed very well with her executive function skills.  For example, Dr. Patel helped her to focus on the main points when reading a lengthy essay instead of becoming lost in unnecessary details, which was always a challenge.  Studying for tests was overwhelming, so Dr. Patel showed a step by step process to successfully review the material.  Also, Dr. Patel has helped her to maintain an organized school calendar and locker.  At the beginning of the school year, Dr. Patel and my daughter together, sorted through all her school supplies, and Dr. Patel showed her how to organize her school locker so everything is easily accessible.  I see now that my daughter has started to incorporate these organizational skills as part of her routine.  For example, when she reads a paragraph, she picks up her pen and automatically starts highlighting main points - something she never did before.  Dr. Patel has also helped me (mom!) to identify my daughter's needs and ask for appropriate support from school staff.  Dr. Patel is a very caring person and has been a huge source of support for both my daughter and our family."

                                                                                                   Parent of a 7th Grade Student

"Dr. Patel has helped our son a great deal. Her background as a school psychologist and experience with helping kids with ADD develop and refine executive function skills has been a great fit for our son. Her positive, skill-based approach has been invaluable. We met with a few other professionals and by far she has the most "hands-on" and applicable approach. We highly recommend her without reservation."

                                                                                                  Parent of a High School Sophomore Student

"We came to Dr. Vinita Bhojwani-Patel to better understand our third grade daughter’s reading and learning abilities. Dr. Bhojwani conducted an absolutely professional psych-ed evaluation using not only the standard tools, but also thoroughgoing efforts to get a whole picture of our daughter’s learning, including in-person meetings with her teachers and reading specialist. Dr. Patel made sure we understood the evaluation methods, how she would apply them, and how our daughter would experience the sessions. Her very friendly demeanor enabled our daughter to relax and be herself during the evaluation sessions. We feel confident in Dr. Patel’s test results because of her thorough methods and explanations. And most of all, since we have been applying Dr. Patel’s results and recommendations, our daughter’s reading and confidence have improved exponentially.  Dr. Patel has been 100% available to us and our tutors and teachers, and continues to answer all our questions."

                                                                                                  Parent of a 3rd Grade Student

"We were referred to Dr. Patel by close family friends who had Dr. Patel work with their dyslexic child.  After struggling with reading comprehension, recall and multi-step directions from kindergarten through second grade we brought our son to Dr. Patel for evaluation.  She was able to diagnose him as having a "working memory delay" which impacted not only his retention and recall, but self confidence as well.  There were many times when school work was very overwhelming for my son.  We began weekly tutoring sessions where Dr. Patel taught him strategies that helped him not only with the physical organization of his work but also time management of his school week.  He learned how to annotate, looking for key words to help identify what questions are being asked and how to organize his thoughts. While it was difficult in the beginning all these strategies are now so ingrained in his psyche and he completed his 6th grade year as a solid A-/B+ student.  Our son has been released by Dr. Patel from weekly sessions, however he sees her every other month or so for a recheck. My high school daughter started seeing her last winter to help with her executive organizational skills after a rocky first semester of her freshman year.  I am happy to say she is now using her new skills routinely and her grades have improved.  Dr. Patel is very caring yet firm and has a terrific rapport with kids of all ages whether they be elementary, middle or high school age."

                                                                                                  Parent of a Middle School and High School Student

"For several years my son has been struggling at school, but no one could tell me why. He was  inconsistent, yet I couldn’t get any answers. I was referred to Dr. Patel by the school principal. Dr. Patel gave him a series of tests and I was finally given an answer, he was diagnosed with a specific learning disability adversely impacting his academic areas of reading comprehension, reading fluency, written expression, along with spelling and math problem solving. What a relief to finally have a diagnosis! I finally had an understanding of his learning profile and could move forward with helping my son get the help he so desperately needed.  Dr. Patel has been outstanding. She meets with him once a week. She is not specifically tutoring my son, she is teaching him skills to navigate his school work, organize his week and techniques to prepare for tests and quizzes. The change in my son has been outstanding. His confidence level has improved. He doesn’t feel so defeated, he is more organized, and has a plan when it comes to his school work. I’m absolutely thrilled with the change in my son and forever grateful to Dr. Patel. Thank you Dr. Patel for EVERYTHING!!"
                                                                                                  Mother of a Happy 7th Grade Student

“My daughter has worked with Dr. Patel for several years to support development of her reading skills as well as executive functioning/study skills.  Dr. Patel's strengths lie in her ability to engage her students, identify opportunities and tailor learning to the individual need of the student.  Most importantly, I know that when my daughter is with Dr. Patel, the session has structure and a plan and there are always results and learning that come of it.”


                                                                                               Mom of middle school daughter